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Apr. 16, 2019
Lynn Veevers
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Since Senka’s death and her Afflicted army’s fall, Kaya learned she isn’t the Pinnacle, but a rare combination of all four Cored Races…the Oblitus. Darkness settles upon Kaya and as she struggles to gain control over her dark quarter she finds a best friend in Anissa, the only Gnáth in a group of Natural Lycans and Mystics. Anissa is ordinary, but an exceptionally skilled fighter. When Anissa’s friends learn she’s keeping a secret that puts their lives in danger, they’re infuriated with her. Her deception throws them into a supernatural civil war in another realm…one Anissa is directly connected to. As more secrets about Anissa’s family unravel, she’s faced with the impossible. Choose between friends and possibly the love of her life…or the sacred duty she was born to do?
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Stephanie Taylor
Clean Reads
26390 SOUTH ROAD, ATHENS, AL 35613
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