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Darkness Sacrificed
Apr. 16, 2019
JJ Nite
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Edie Malakim has tried to accept her family history and succeeded. Almost. Losing her mom, discovering she is descended from angels, and has special abilities would send any normal teenager over the edge, but Edie is also the answer to a prophecy as old as time. Only she can throw Lucifer into Hell and lock him away.

After escaping from their burning cabin, Edie and her grandmother make it safely to a ramshackle cottage hidden in the woods. With a little help from some friends, both new and old, Edie continues to train for her battle with Lucifer. Betrayal continues to follow them and the losses she experiences, chip away at the confidence Edie has managed to build.

As the time to confront Lucifer approaches, Edie must once again fight her way through obstacles placed in her path by those she has considered friends. Oh, and if she loses the fight, the world will be thrown into destruction. No pressure.
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Stephanie Taylor
Clean Reads
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