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Down at the Radio Cafe
Apr. 1, 2019
L. A. Fleming
Fiction: Debut
A conflicted teen has misguided loyalty to the KKK. An African-American man is embedded in the very heart of the evil organization. The corruption of 1924 Denver is the backdrop for this deeply researched story. Groomed by a corrupt cop, Fred Swan sees the KKK as a ticket to respectability, and he takes pride in attending Klan leadership meetings at the Radio Café. But unexpected violence mars the mentoring, and an honest judge becomes determined to make him a boxing champion. This opportunity, together with influential relationships, forces Swan to re-examine his life and gradually understand that his father-figure cop has been lying all along.

Meanwhile, Edward Jones is posing as white to keep his black community safe from the local Klan, which runs the police, courts, and government. He lives a double life, and his ironic relationship with Klan leaders brings his bravery and morality into ever sharper focus. Jones is based on a real person and his work on the Boulé, a nationwide, highly secretive group of African-Americans who protected their communities during the 1920s KKK resurgence.
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This story straddles the line between literary historical fiction and narrative nonfiction.
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