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The Titans of Rock Save the Universe
Apr. 1, 2019
Alan Goldsher
Fiction: General/Other
Ever since 1954, when Bill Haley and the Comets’ “Rock Around the Clock” became the first rock song to top the music charts, hundreds of thousands of lovelorn teenagers, angsty artistes, and frustrated professionals have asserted that rock ‘n’ roll saved their lives.

For the most part, these claims are figurative, but what if they were real?

What if, say, you fell off your boat in the middle of the Pacific, and Jimi Hendrix swam up from the depths, took you back down to his underwater lair, and nursed you back to health? What if the Ramones were forced to become munitions experts in order to protect their native borough of Queens from an attack by the evil, power-mad Sex Pistols? What if Brian Wilson was a super-genius, or Otis Redding was an alien from Venus, or Bruce Springsteen was the ruler of the galaxy?

These are all legitimate questions, folks, and only one person can answer them: Alan Goldsher. In his short story collection, "The Titans of Rock Save the Universe," the author of the acclaimed Beatles/horror/comedy mashup "Paul Is Undead" bestowed the most beloved classic rockers with the kind of powers that will keep readers entertained for hours, and the world safe for centuries.

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Alan Goldsher
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