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Career Planning for High-School Students: The Career Management Essentials (CME)
Mar. 29, 2019
Adrian Gonzalez
Non-fiction: General/Other
This is the only step-by-step career planning system for high school students, their parents, and teachers that is geared toward career satisfaction, degree utilization, employment after graduation, minimum student debt, and no student loan defaulting.

The CME strategy consists of a series of steps arranged in a flow chart (CME Job Aid). Each step poses a question that students and parents work on together to answer. The information gained about a potential employer’s specific requirements will lead to proactively selecting high school classes, majors, and extracurricular activities, and also identify a subject matter expert helper. These are the professionals in the field of choice who will help guide the student and parents through the actions they need to take to achieve the goals of full employment after graduation with a high level of career satisfaction and low level of debt.

In this book, students, parents, and teachers will learn the following:
• How to identify unique career abilities and interest
• How to identify the best career fit
• How to best utilize career coaches, high school counselors, and school admission advisors
• How to identify potential employers
• How to pinpoint current jobs
• How to select a post-secondary school (college or vocational technical school)

And finally, how to obtain specific work experience while in school to assure a job right after graduation.
The book also includes a comprehensive To-Do List for both students and parents, as well as various activities and worksheets

o Industry Research Activity
o Industry of Interest Activity
o Informational Interview Activity
o Job Shadowing Worksheet
o Employer List Activity
o Job List Activity
o Educational Path Activity
o Tasks-Skills Match Activity
o Job Shadowing Activity
o School Evaluation Checklist
o Task Log
o Task Journal
Career Worksheet Activity
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