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Hummingbird Wisdom for Kids: Stories to Enlighten Hearts of All Ages
Mar. 29, 2019
Rosemary Watson, Ph.D.
Fiction: General/Other
In Hummingbird Wisdom for Kids, a family of wise hummingbirds establishes a beautiful Garden of Great Love. In tune with Mother Nature, they are guided by their inner vision of loving kindness. From a very young age, they are taught to transform conflicts into peace, danger into safety and anger into love.
The following are some of the hummingbird seeds of wisdom planted in each chapter:
Within a tiny seed is the power to create a giant tree.
Metamorphosis is the sweetest freedom.
Even tiny hearts can feel love that is as big as the ocean.
Nature is our greatest teacher, yet many are disconnected from their true nature and get lost by external stimuli of the computer systems, troubled news and the entertainment age. Our true nature at its core holds the keys to unlock our hidden treasures. Like the hummingbirds, humans can also connect with their internal resources to regenerate and revitalize daily. When in harmony with nature, one instinctually knows how to move with the many rhythms of life. Children know how to stay joyful, playful and loving but often as they grow, they are conditioned to forget their true nature.
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