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In Common: A Unified Theory of Every Thing
Mar. 29, 2019
Mike Shaw
Non-fiction: General/Other
Science and philosophy are not different realms. They are parts of the same Whole Truth.

Each century, the heart and mind of man has thirsted for and attained ever higher and more generalized truths, to better explain more of all that exists around us.

We now stand at a precipice, trying to bridge the narrow but stubborn gap between two major disciplines of science—Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. Many have strived for a single Unified Theory that explains how the two work in unison.

But perhaps mathematics, the most flexible of all languages, is an insufficient mechanism to explain such a theory in a single formula.

Perhaps it will take the more common language of everyday tongues, to achieve this worthy goal. Brief but powerful language, may more clearly and meaningfully unify these two branches of science, into the trunk and heart of a unified whole. To explain not only the commonality between two branches of science, but also the more general commonality among all disciplines and human endeavors.

This work is a summarized version, of an attempt to explain a thread that runs through everything that exists.

And what each particular piece has In Common.

This book is a Superfluid–Vacuum Theory (SVT) of Quantum Gravity.
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