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Demystifying God: Redefining Black Spirituality in the Age of Igod
Mar. 29, 2019
Anthony Saunders
Non-fiction: General/Other
The book I have written is called Demystifying God. It is the third in a three book series I have dedicated to the Five Percent Nation and the godbody movement. Within I challenge the socio-political superstructures of modernity from the perspective of a black revolutionist. Demystifying God is primarily a theological work, but it also has elements of social science in it. The central theological premises discussed are radical Biblical interpretations. This radicalism draws it far away from Christian views, whether Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox. In fact, though the Christian representatives are quoted throughout the ideas and themes are those of the street life. The book as a whole is unashamedly street and pushes for progress in street situations. The book is also unapologetically black and uses certain black theological and anthropological references too. Of these the most notable come from ancient Egypt and the ancient Egyptian theophany. On an Egyptological basis the book, using the work of a respected Egyptologist, considers the ancient Egyptian pantheon to be psychological states, each with their corresponding characteristics. Therefore, when the book begins by relaying ancient Egyptian philosophical and cosmological assumptions it does so recognising the impact these had on the psyche of the ancient people.
Finally, the book is a very pro-black book, and although the godbody movement is neither pro-black nor anti-white, I am pro-black especially considering the destruction of black lives that has been occurring in recent years. The depth of the psychological fear of black people in America is catastrophic. Our job is not to convince white people that we are not a threat, but to organise so that systems can be put in place to protect us from those whose fear of us causes them to react violently. This is why it is a black theocracy being espoused and not just a plain theocracy. The argument presented has its basis in the black suffering that has occurred historically and presently as a result of that fear. But the fear is here recognised as double-sided. The black race has also developed a fear of blackness. That is not to say we fear our own people as such, though there are obviously those that do, but to say many blacks, particularly in the black bourgeoisie, are facing a psychological dilemma: how can they be pleasing to the white world system and avoid the negative feelings of racial inferiority. This book is therefore an instigator to inspire black people to no longer fear their potential but to work towards improving their personal situations. This book is therefore an action plan written with the confident hope that once the black people of today know themselves and their potential they will be willing to put the work in to make their lives, and the lives of other black people, far more effective in the world. There is no doubt that large sections of the black community are underprivileged, it is up to them now to lay hold of that privilege.
Mia Tyler
Global Summit House
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