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Thunder an elephants journey
Mar. 20, 2019
Erik Daniel Shein
Television rights
Title: Thunder an Elephant’s Journey literary series

See Thunder the Elephant pitch sheet safe download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UC4E7olnk5EOQjKEY6Pq9Z6qC3LPUHsX/view

Type: K – 12 Animation Series

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Educational

Style: 2D Animation

Available: Television and film Rights

Logline: A young African forest elephant confronts his fears, achieves a dream and fulfills a legend.


The Thunder: An Elephant’s Journey Literary Series follows the journey of Thunder throughout his lifetime.
The integration of real-world problems is woven into an entertaining backdrop that educates children on the
serious issues all elephants and endangered animals face.
Rights available:
Film and Television rights
Other Information:
The Thunder Literary Series is currently in the following languages:

· German

· Portuguese

· Spanish

· Arabic

· Turkish

· Italian

· Soon to be Chinese
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