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The Myrrosil Chronicles: Zenith
Mar. 16, 2019
Steven C McCullough
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Zenith is the Third installation in The Myrrosil Chronicles.

The Myrrosil Chronicles is a multi-part fantasy-fiction series geared to tell a wild and wonderful tale of a young man lost in the tides of fate, while inciting readers to consider real-world morality. Good and Evil vie for the soul of a world, but to both the readers and the central characters, differentiating between the two is a challenge. At the end of battles, wars, and debates, who is right and who is wrong? Perhaps you, too, will join the ageless debate that carves Myrrosil's destiny.

The tale centers on Cyrus Farrington, an unwary young man from the reaches of South America. On a fateful day, Cyrus is mysteriously stolen away from his home and transplanted to a foreign land called Myrrosil. With only a desire to return to the home and the love that he lost, Cyrus sets out on a harrowing journey that only tangles him further into the webs of Myrrosil’s fate. An age-old King, cursed with visions of his dying world, tasks Cyrus as the only person alive who can press against the coming darkness.

Cyrus is taken through the depths and heights of this wondrous Myrrosil on his search for the truth of a man known as Veil, the epitome of the foretold darkness. In order for him to return to the life he once knew, he must put an end to Veil and sever his ties to Myrrosil completely. But in the midst of his wanderings, Cyrus is faced with more than he bargained for… The struggle that Veil wages on society may have more merit than he first predicted. And, if he survives the fight he is commissioned to join, he will have yet another choice to make: to finally return to his true home or to build a new life on Myrrosil where fame, glory, and friendships abounding await him.
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