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The Game of the Gods
Mar. 5, 2019
Paolo Maurensig
Fiction: General/Other
Who is Malik Mir Sultan Khan? The mysterious man all New York is talking about, the man who will inherit a small portion of the enormous fortune of Mrs. Abbott, who has retired to a secluded life in a remote location on the Indian subcontinent. Is he only a cunning seducer of wealthy widows? And how did he manage to win the British chess championship three times during the 1930s, since he hails from a small isolated village in the jungle? An American journalist, stationed in the Punjab in the mid-1960s, decides to meet him and reconstruct his story. A story which begins with a tiger which appeared in his dreams when he was a child and then came to life and took away both his parents. A story which continues at the court of the nabob, who helps him perfect his chaturanga technique and introduces him to the western version of the game, in order to flaunt his victories (he even beats the world champion, Capablanca) throughout Europe and humiliate the English colonialists.
A story which interweaves with that of the entire world, when Malik’s talents as a refined strategist drag him into a strange game of war which will decide the outcome of World War II…
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Valeria Zito
Giulio Einaudi editore
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