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Mind Control through Breath Regulation
Feb. 28, 2019
Nguyen Tran PhD
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Nguyen Tran, a former Electronic Professor and an over 50 year’s practitioner of Mind Control through Breath Regulation, developed the technique. It played a great part in him graduating from the University of Adelaide with a BE (Electronics), BSc (Quantum Physics) and PhD (Aircraft Navigation). Low impact yoga poses, combined with slow regulated breathing, encourage the brain to become creatively wiser, and the body to engage in skilful actions. Brain waves such as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are generated for good actions and deep sleep. Slow breath regulation strengthens the mind to become insightful and authoritative. The mind has time to follow the brain’s thinking and the body movement. Mind visualization is in direct contact with the two most important systems in the body: the endocrine system and the nervous system. The endocrine system has seven major glands, secreting controlling hormones into the bloodstream to control the body. The nervous system, through its elaborate neuron system, transmits and receives information to and from the ten systems in the body. Therefore Mind Control through Breath Regulation, when practised daily, enables a practitioner to have a rhythmically harmonised mind, brain and body for any action:

• Insightful and empowered mind

• Creative brain, fully fit for difficult problems and sporting activities

• Harmonized body, brain and mind

• Quantum breathing for difficult problems and pain reduction

• Oxygen breathing for injury healing and cleansing the body

Dr Tran Mind Control through Breath Regulation has been proven to be successful to graduate with three degrees, from the University of Adelaide: a BE (Electronics), a BSc (Quantum Physics) and a PhD (Aircraft Navigation). It also assisted him with sporting activities. He had plenty of time to help his students graduating with high scores and his postgraduate students to gain PhDs.
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