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Wolf Creek
Feb. 28, 2019
William J Pardue
Non-fiction: General/Other
It is the summer of 1971. Charlie Rogers has just graduated from the University of Texas and is hitching a ride toward the backwoods of East Texas and his first adventure along the tenuous path of adulthood - a job as a counselor for a group of delinquent adolescents from the south side of Chicago.

The boys have been unwanted by parents, the system, and the boys' ranch where they reside, as they will soon be sent off to the watch of Charlie and the other counselors. There are Russ, who displays unpredictable bursts of sadistic violence, Sherman, whose illiteracy is offset by his good cheer, Vince, whose recklessness is matched by his spirit and determination, and seven others.

WOLF CREEK is a story of maturation, the strength of the human spirit, the cruelty of humanity, and the power of love and friendship to mend even the most broken hearts.
Karen Smith
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