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In the Country of Illness: Comfort and Advice for the Journey
Feb. 22, 2019
Robert Lipsyte
Non-fiction: Memoir
First published by Knopf in 1998. Hardcover only, at the time. Never in paperback, and no ebook, audio, or other editions. Now out-of-print, rights have reverted, and we seek a new publisher for it. The book is “To help us cope with, and ease, the experience of serious illness—our own illness or that of someone we care about.”

To read Sherwin Nuland's complete review in The New York Times, in which he writes, "There is much in it that touches the deepest sensibilities of love, loss and even transcendence": http://www.robertlipsyte.com/in_the_country_of_illness__com…

“From Norman Cousins to Susan Sontag to Jimmy and Rosemary Breslin, we’ve had a fine sampling of books on various illnesses. Now comes Robert Lipsyte with his account of cancer—his own and his ex-wife’s—In the Country of Illness. Bob survived, Margie succumbed, and if there is a requiem quality to this book, it is relieved by the Lipsyte humor and jauntiness. His book is more than a harrowing account of illness: is it a handbook on how to deal with hospital bureaucrats, a primer on the costs of being ill in this rich land. If you’ve ever been in a hospital, you know how it is to be treated like a piece of meat. Lipsyte tells us, ‘Stop being meat. You’re a man. You’re a woman. Stand up…’ Above all, I say, get this book.” --FRANK MCCOURT

“'In the Country of Illness' takes us to a place where no one wants to be. But Robert Lipsyte has done it with style. He tells his story straight, funny, and wise.” --BETTY ROLLIN

“Rarely does an author tackle an old subject with such innovative vision that tired concepts come alive with startling vigor. Robert Lipsyte has done that in crossing the boundary in the country of illness.” --C. EVERETT KOOP, M.D.

"Lipsyte, a veteran sportswriter and city columnist for the Times, is also a cancer patient. In his signature voice -- clear-headed and stringent -- he takes us where we least want to go (the examining room, the hospital ward), and he manages not merely to devise adult strategies of sanity but also to tell the story of almost dying (or surviving for now) with pitiless wit. Here is a narrator who doesn't beg for admiration but earns it all the same.” --The New Yorker

“Anyone who will ever have to negotiate the minefields of today’s medical system while suffering from a serious illness or caring for a loved one will greatly welcome this outstanding guide.” --Publishers Weekly
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