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In the Matter of Nikola Tesla: A Romance of the Mind (Limited Scripted Series)
Feb. 20, 2019
NYT Bestselling Author Anthony Flacco
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An eight part scripted limited series, IN THE MATTER OF NIKOLA TESLA: A Romance of the Mind adapted from the novel by NYT Bestselling author Anthony Flacco, (WGA and MFA in Screenwriting from AFI).

The problem with Tesla consistently proves to be that of humanizing him, a solitary inventor with few friends, a man who never married. His genius is never contested, but getting into his head has proved to be an obstacle. There is controversy over who this man really was. How much of his mind was consumed with genius and how much with madness?

In The Matter of Nikola Tesla has solved both problems to great effect. This eight-part Limited Series tells Tesla’s story through multiple Points of View: (1) TESLA himself; (2)THOMAS EDISON; (3) GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE; (4) Author MARK TWAIN; (5) Tesla’s financial nemesis, J.P. MORGAN; (6) philanthropist JOHN JACOB ASTOR; and (7) Tesla’s longtime assistant, GEORGE SCHERFF. Each POV describes a different man in Tesla, and each is told through the POV of one of the above characters.

Tesla’s internal romantic life is portrayed based upon his own public statements about his Muse, who came to him in various forms throughout his life. The story portrays her as KARINA, the image of a young love Tesla lost as a teenager, one who manifests from his imagination as if she is merely a hallucination – except that Nikola actually learns from her. Specific, scientific principles come to his fevered mind through her visitations. He is both uplifted and haunted by her until the very night of his death.

Where some would say Morgan destroyed Tesla by causing his financing to dry up, Morgan would insist that he saved the world from a dangerous madman who had no appreciation for the terrible effects of his plan to provide the world’s people with free electrical power.

The ending suggests Tesla may well have enjoyed the last laugh...

Anthony’s treatment of this historical limited series as well as a copy of his book upon request. You might want to compare this to the highly successful John Adams HBO series with Tom Hanks which won many awards. ( https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472027/awards)
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