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The Shutter
Feb. 7, 2019
Miloš Urban
Fiction: General/Other
The Shutter is an erotic novel about the curse of our age when anyone can become a photographer and take at least one good shot. Motivation is the key. Amateur photographer Matěj approaches Věra, a female model with zero modelling experience, randomly in the street and starts to post his unique photographs on the picture-sharing site Blickperson, gradually building up an army of fans. The arrangement leads to the blossoming of a unique relationship, photographs that radiate a genuine kind of magic and a combined chemistry that creates something above-average. Matěj continues to view his relationship with Věra as entirely professional, but there is a realistic chance of romance developing. Then the model decides to take it upon herself to dramatically resolve, one way or another, her still ill-defined relationship with Matěj and it ends up threatening the young man’s job, potentially turning his entire world upside-down.
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