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How to Write & Sell a Novel From a Screenplay That Didn’t Make It
Jan. 28, 2019
Skip Press
Non-fiction: How-To
Based on a popular course I taught for years, prompted by the last Writers Guild of America strike, this book breaks down every element necessary to turn a screenplay into a novel that will sell. Using an element I named The Shaping Force, first presented at Pepperdine University in an Entrepreneurs Weekend (video available), there is story structure advice here that is not fully covered in any of my other books. There is only one book on the market that competes with this one, and it leaves much to be desired.

As the author of three editions of the Complete Idiots Guide to Screenwriting (and one Russian translation), four editions of my Writers Guide to Hollywood, and the online course Your Screenwriting Career that was available in up to 1500 schools over a 10-year period, I know there are aspiring screenwriters and sold screenwriters all over the world that would buy this book.
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As soon as I'm ready to publish, or make a deal with a publisher, Final Draft Software, which is used by 95% of Hollywood writers, will do an email blast to almost 100,000 people promoting this book.
Skip Press
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