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How To Write What You Want and Sell What You Write - 25th Anniversary Edition
Jan. 28, 2019
Skip Press
Non-fiction: How-To
Starting as a very popular course at UCLA Extension Writers Program, this book was first published by Career Press (trade paperback, sold out), then an ebook (Eppie 2000 finalist Best Non-Fiction Book), then in hardcover by Barnes & Noble Books followed by B&N subsidiary Sterling Books (both runs sold out). Much has changed in publishing over the years and the new edition reflects these changes, covering self-publishing, the need for writers to learn Web and coding skills (and where to do that). There is new material on ghostwriting, job boards, and work resources for writers. The best Hollywood information from four editions of my Writers Guide to Hollywood books is included. Every profitable area of writing is dealt with in this book, as well as the story and book structure I developed that applies across all media. There's nothing like it.
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Teaching modules for online video delivery and an audiobook are being developed.
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