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Jan. 28, 2019
Cody T Luff
Fiction: Horror
Set in the far future, this piece of speculative fiction takes you into a few different POV's, but mainly focuses on a girl who lives in an apartment complex where food is rationed due to extreme scarcity. All the girls who live in the apartment complex are forced to weigh their own hunger against the lives of the others living in the building. Cynthia is wrongly accused of ordering an "A" ration which costs a life more quickly than a "B" or "C" and is punished by having her wrist broken. What she doesn't realize is that it was a close friend who allowed her to take the blame.

She is forced to leave the apartments along with one of the former managers when abuses of the system are discovered. The odd pairing is exposed to a world of even more scarcity, but one filled with politics and intrigue. Cynthia struggles to get back to the apartments and help the girls that are still there even as she has to appear before the powerful government entity "The Council".

Concurrently we follow the slow downfall of the apartment manager who is also the daughter of a powerful Council Woman. Forced to reconcile her role in the destruction of these girls with the greater needs of society to find any sustainable source of calories, she makes one bad decision after another while she grapples with a mother who is growing more and more impatient with her mistakes.

It is a dark and forceful book, but written in a surprisingly nuanced and accessible way. In its darkness and politics are reminiscent of The Road and a Handmaid's Tale, but with a faster paced story line.
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To Be Published by Apex Book Company, August 2019
Elizabeth Marshea
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