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Peccato mortale (MORTAL SIN)
Jan. 18, 2019
Carlo Lucarelli
Digital: Fiction: Thriller
There is a stain in the past of Commissioner De Luca, a moment when he sold his soul
to the devil and which made him vulnerable to blackmail, forcing him to chase after
himself from then on.
But what is this stain? When did it occur?
The period between July 25 and September 8, 1943 was a strange, surreal period. One
morning, Italy woke up without fascism and virtually the next morning the Germans
were at the front door. In the middle of the chaos of those days, De Luca, who was with
Parma’s flying squad, had to investigate a decapitated body.
Simple, because it was basically a homicide – or better, two homicides because when the
head was found it didn’t belong to the body – just the kind for the flying squad, sleuthhounds.
Complicated, because the story soon took on political overtones which, given the circumstances,
can become very dangerous.
It’s in De Luca’s nature, one way or another the case must be resolved. Always. Even at
the cost of a small compromise.
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France (Métailié), Germany (Folio Verlag)
Valeria Zito
Giulio Einaudi editore
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