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Jan. 22, 2019
Ivana Bodrožić
Fiction: General/Other
In this dark, gritty and intriguing political thriller, bestselling and award-winning poet and novelist Ivana Bodrožić boldly engages to unmask one’s transitional society, deeply imbued with crime and corruption.

Journalist Nora Kirin arrives in an unnamed Croatian town chasing a story of a local high school teacher who, along with her underage lover, murdered her husband. An intriguing, agonizing and dark story about a family tragedy and a scorned woman leads into a series of parallel narratives colliding in the nether regions of this deeply divided city. One of the major narrative lines leads Nora to her father’s murderer, who got killed around twenty years before, on the eve of the war, while acting as a mediator in negotiations between enemy sides and warning them that the conflict might be intentionally provoked.

This town on the border between Croatia and Serbia might as well have been any town in Europe where a dividing line exists, either tangible or social, where strife is fabricated from above by the political elite, having no regard for the common citizen. The movers and shakers of all processes are the same people who were actively involved in war crimes during the 90s, corrupt politicians, surviving mobsters, warlords who, almost twenty years later, converted into members of the local political and social elite. This atmospheric novel about a town without a name is infused with lyrical parts and filled to the brim with diverse characters bursting with life and credibility, which takes her impressive prose to a level of a universal study of human nature.
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“Don't be fooled, Ivana Bodrožić's novel “The Pit” is not yet another roman à clef with an allegorical red thread that lead us through the everyday political landscape to which we are already exposed. The Pit is much more. A cry of outrage. A melancholy lament over one space and homeland that rose to mythical proportions thanks to football fan murals and despondent music. Over a homeland that, despite all this, fades into oblivion and sinks in despair once the patriotic phrases are stripped off. A homeland in which everything perishes, except for rivaling nationalist oligarchies that need one another to survive.” – Jurica Pavičić, writer
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