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Jan. 22, 2019
Rumena Bužarovska
Fiction: General/Other
Rumena Bužarovska’s latest short story collection “I'm Not Going Anywhere” consists of 7 short stories dealing with the issue of economic migration and the Balkan inferiority complex towards the Western world. The narratives follow the personal life of the protagonists, focusing on their everyday situations and life choices, as well as their mostly dysfunctional relationships with their immediate family and friends.
What the narratives have in common, though, is that they in fact highlight how the migration of a family member, the migration of the protagonist, or the desire of the protagonist to leave the country define these everyday situations and relationships. The stories are set in contemporary Macedonia, depicting the political and economic reality of the last decade. The collection aims to thematize the political and economic reality of the Balkans through the everyday, deeply personal, comically tragic stories of the troubled protagonists.
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Rumena Bužarovska’s new book is again close to the American narrative tradition, reminiscent of the authors such as Alice Munro (similarities between two authors have been noted by the critic Teofil Pančić as well), along with the influences of the minimalist, hyper-realistic tradition of Raymond Carver, as well as the atmosphere of gloom in Flannery O 'Connor's short stories. But Bužarovska builds her own realistic tableau infused with the humour that made the author recognizable among her numerous readers in the South-Eastern Europe.
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