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Red, White, and Who
Dec. 18, 2018
JoAnn Morris Matthews
Non-fiction: General/Other
RED, WHITE & WHO is situated in Granbury, Texas. Granbury boasts being in the top four in national 4th of July fireworks presentations. There are more than 200 shots fired from explosives to light up skies in Central Texas. Granbury is 35 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas. Growing up in Small Town, U.S.A. has advantages for younger and older generations. Participating in recurring activities throughout the year is fun, educational, and teaches young adults to cooperate with adult citizens in town to continue traditions. A Note to Reader at the beginning of the book is a synopsis of local history and "unsolved mysteries" in Granbury. The story centers around three pre-teen boys working to decorate prized bicycles for the upcoming 4th of July Parade. Days before the parade, bikes disappear. The boys band together to recover missing property. Hoping the thief is still in town, they also hope not to meet him face-to-face. The line of communication required among the boys, local authorities, and citizens is key to solving this mystery. For these young adults, dealing with diverse ages has not been necessary except in small groups. Uncovering clues proves difficult, particularly when they start their search with no clues. Red herring clues are sprinkled through the pages, making their job challenging. Recovery of prized possessions is an accomplishment. Life experiences learned through the process are meaningful and invaluable. Patriotic stories peak curiosity of young adults. Productive, cooperative citizens in a community rise from young adults introduced to good social and community values. In America, many people who would otherwise be without assistance can exist because of American volunteers. The U.S.A. proudly waves Red, White & Blue colors in honor of our active and in-active military, fallen soldiers, organizations, and people who mold the great nation we know and love . . . the reason we are known as the United States of America.
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