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T.W.S.C.: A Shrouded Autobiography
Dec. 4, 2018
Non-fiction: Biography
In this autobiography, the author, using the pen name Tenacity, admits he made many mistakes, but he never stopped living. In TWSC, he shares the experiences of his first twenty-five years of life—which he likens to a Ferris wheel with all of its ups and downs.

TWSC explores the many different and intimate views of Tenacity’s early years , including childhood highs and lows, his education, puppy love, incarcerations, drug experimentation, and service in Vietnam. A man who traveled in many circles and experienced a plethora of adventures, he tells how he overcame obstacles and how in the darkest of times humor became the weapon of choice for survival. Discussing education, relationship, family, death, drugs, marriage, and the military, this memoir offers insights into a man who doesn’t always seek safety in ominous moments. Tenacity touches on core values and directions that will set him up for his own family, divorce, wars, and true love over the next forty years of his life, explored in his next book.
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