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The Da Vinci Cloth (Tom Arden Book 2)
Dec. 4, 2018
Hugo Uyttenhove
Fiction: General/Other
Tom Arden, an associate curator at the Met in New York, uncovers a partially painted riddle on a cloth in a painting. He sets off on a quest in search of the original cloth. As non-committal as Tom is in his personal relationship with his fiancée and a detective friend, he is overly devoted in his desire to prove that solving the riddle will lead him to treasure and promotion. Subsequently, Tom must confront a Muslim zealot who is the caretaker of secrets of the Sultans and prepares for the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire in the form of a new Caliphate. It isn’t until Tom elicits advice and help from a friend and his fiancé that he discovers the hidden secret. However, the find is both upsetting and rewarding as it brings to light the conceit perpetrated for centuries by religious leaders. Historical settings include Cyprus, Turkey, and Milan, with references to the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus and its consequences.
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