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The Questors’ Adventures: The Round House and the Moaning Walls
Dec. 4, 2018
Louis Paul DeGrado
Fiction: General/Other
What do you call a group of boys who set out to explore the unknown? the Moaning Walls They called themselves the Questors, and theyre ready for excitement, adventure and mayhem.

Brothers Mike and Louie, ages ten and thirteen, and their two best friends, Chad and Shane, are curious when they hear about a haunted house in
their neighborhood. They decide to investigate, but before they get to the house, they must first overcome many obstaclessuch as figuring out how to get around a large, black dog named Mutt that lies in their path. Summoning
their courage, the boys manage to reach the haunted house, where jittery nerves and active imaginations keep them on their toes.

In their second adventure, The Moaning Walls, one of the questors is threatened by mysterious sounds coming from the attic. Once again the boys
must use their skills to solve the mystery. Aided by one of their teachers, a believer in the supernatural, and Stacey, Shanes eleven-year-old sister,
the boys fib their way into a night in the house alone with the mysterious presence. Will they discover the reason for the sounds or be frightened out of their wits in the process?
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