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Istruzioni per diventare fascisti - INSTRUCTIONS FOR BECOMING A FASCIST
Jan. 18, 2019
Michela Murgia
Non-fiction: General/Other
Fascism is a herpes which can resist for entire decades in the marrow of a democracy; it
makes us think it has disappeared only to reappear more viral than ever at the first sign
that the host’s immune system is weakening.

It takes an enormous effort to be democratic.
It means coming to terms with complexity, supplying the greatest number of people with
the instruments to decode and interpret the present times, guaranteeing areas and methods
of participation to all those who want to exploit them to improve collective life. Moreover,
not everyone is interested in being democratic. And actually, if we take a look at present-
day Italy, it seems that no one is interested in it anymore, least of all Italian politics.
So then, why do we continue to waste our time with democracy when we can take a faster
and more certain shortcut? Isn’t fascism a well-oiled system for guaranteeing that the
state is run better, for less money, faster and more efficiently?
With amazing dialectic talent, Michela Murgia is a master of provocation, paradox, and
irony as she invites us to raise our guard against the burdensome relics of the past which
are polluting the present. She holds up a mirror and forces us to look straight into the eyes of the blackest part dwelling inside each one of us.
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