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Sept. 10, 2018
Nic Bennett
Non-fiction: General/Other
I have written a 75,000-word narrative nonfiction novel called Non-Founder. Outlining my journey of working with Australia’s most notorious and fastest growing tech startup, 'Big Review TV.' Dubbed by the Australian media both a “Ponzi-scheme” and the “Darling of ASX” all in the same day.

In three short years, I was instrumental in building a basement start-up into an $840 million global content producing machine. I have partied in the penthouse of Cosmopolitan with billionaires and had a steak knife shoved in my face from one of Australia’s most notorious CEOs.

Throughout this book, I show how I went from stripping on my weekends so I could pay rent, to running a team of 200 in a global organization. In 2 short years, I launched the company on the USA market and in the process, made and lost my first million.

This book is written for Millennials, by a Millennial. Using my story, ‘Non-founder’ is geared towards being the first book every ‘young professional’ should read.

This practical guide takes the reader through the journey all young adults struggle with; gaining self-awareness and confidence, setting clear goals, handling office politics, right through to leading a team and running an organization.

The business world is changing with over 55% of millennial employees not being ‘engaged’ in the workplace, “due to inadequate or absent professional and career development.” This book targets those ‘unengaged’ young professionals, which is made up of roughly 20 million in the USA alone. As well as, the 5 million graduates per year gearing up to enter the workforce and the parties directly impacted by the Big Review TV collapse (15,000 and counting).

I have had the unique opportunity to grow at a rapid pace within large global organizations across multiple industries from Oil&Gas, to the Military, through to Technology and Media. My mentors such as Mark Roberge and Jocko Willink gave me the tools I needed to keep moving forward, and now I want to use MY experience to engage and inspire the next generation of youth.
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