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Aug. 16, 2018
Emil Hakl
Fiction: General/Other
Emil Hakl’s novel addresses a hot topic in science and technology – the creation of an artificial human – which has been central to sci-fi since Karel Čapek wrote R.U.R almost 100 years ago. Here humanity’s Frankenstein-like desire is to create a beautiful female android, the titular Uma. Hakl has achieved a remarkable melding of two genres, as the central point of the book is a classic tale of love. Two main characters are experiencing an intense relationship based on mutual affection, which eventually turns into an addiction of conspiratorial friendship and sex. The mixture of foreignness and intimacy is what makes Uma alluring. Uma is not a submissive partner. On the contrary, she is viewed as the more sophisticated personality, who has the situation in hand and ultimately has the final word on how the relationship will develop. The inscrutable robot becomes the embodiment of the essence of the female soul. This novel is written in the author’s typically efficient and fast-paced style.
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Austria (Braumüller)
Veronika Chaloupkova
Argo Publishers
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