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Land, Sea, and Air
Aug. 12, 2018
Patricia Campos Domenech
Non-fiction: Memoir
Tierra, Mar y Aire (Land, Sea, and Air) which was originally published in Spanish by Roca Editorial in 2016, is a compelling memoir written by a remarkable woman named Patricia Campos Domenech, the first female jet fighter pilot in the Spanish Navy, the first woman European professional soccer coach in the USA, and a Uganda human right activist. At this time, my client is seeking to sell film and television rights to her story.

Tierra, Mar y Aire focuses on the following stages of Patricia’s life:

· Childhood: She was raised in a very conservative family with an abusive father.

· University period: At this stage of her life, Patricia became fully aware of her sexual tendencies and orientation.

· Stint in the Spanish Navy: She became the first female jet fighter pilot while having to hide her homosexuality.

· New life in the USA: Patricia left Spain and moved to the U.S. in order to become a woman’s professional soccer coach.

· Humanitarian work in Uganda: Patricia spends time in Uganda to help children and women suffering from HIV by providing them with an outlet via soccer. While she was there, Patricia faced extremely difficult experiences that changed and reshaped her life.

Tierra, Mar y Aire is a unique story. Both the American and Latin-American media have taken a great interest in Patricia’s story and have invited her multiple times to speak about the book. Given the timeliness and relevance to current event issues,I strongly believe people all over the world would really enjoy Patricia’s story.
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World English Rights (completed English manuscript now available), audio, foreign translation rights, film and television.
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World Spanish.
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