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Who You've Got To Kill
July 31, 2018
Russell Fee writing as Russell Ó Fiaich
Fiction: Thriller
In this riveting thriller, a military trial uncovers a deep-seated political conspiracy. When defense counsel, Marine Captain Charles Slidell, discovers evidence that may bring the conspiracy to light and save his clients' lives, he ignites a conflagration of political intrigue and bloodshed that burns across the battlefields of Iraq, through the cities of Baghdad and Washington, and into the secret chambers of politicians, generals, and judges. No measure is too extreme to guarantee the success of the conspiracy and protect the identities of those involved, and Slidell soon finds himself in a battle deadlier than any he faced in war. Portraying the redemptive forces of love and loyalty, this action-packed thriller is nonetheless a no-holds-barred depiction of the depths to which human souls can plunge when ends justify means.
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Foreign, translation, audio, film and television.
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self published debut novel. Author retains all rights.
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4.6 Stars on Amazon, this sleeper geopolitical thriller is ripe to be adapted for film and TV, and Audio and Foreign rights are available.

"Ó Fiaich unapologetically exposes the shrapnel of war-torn Iraq, as he weaves the intricate, shocking display of political puppetry on both sides of the war, revealing its ugly effects on the lives of the innocent . . . The cinematic, twisting plot superbly navigates a series of explosive events that lead this battle-ready political thriller to its gripping conclusion."--Kirkus Reviews

"[T]his novel is more than a military and political thriller. It is about the frailty of people and how some are corrupted by power. . . This is the essence of the book, which makes it a worthwhile story. If you love military history and political intrigue, or simply a good thriller you will enjoy this book. It flows, describes, and it makes one ponder the direction that wars or conflicts lead us as human beings. . . I recommend Who You've Got to Kill." - Windy City Reviews

Find the book here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009NNHM6A
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