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July 31, 2018
Glenn Alan Burke
Fiction: General/Other
Jesse Savorie stands out at the all-white 1960's Alabama School known as Jess Rulam Elementary--not because he is dirt poor, or big, and not even because he is gifted in natural and supernatural ways. Jesse stands out because he is mixed-race in an all white school in a time when only whites matter.

The sheer evil meanness wrought by the people of the hick, redneck Alabama town would thwart the plans of most humans. However, Jesse is no ordinary human. He is on a mission that is slowly revealed to him and those who are around him. He is faster, stronger, smarter, and especially more blessed. He uses his mysterious abilities to help others and to teach hard lessons--the only lessons that some people can understand and learn from.

Amidst the brutality and hatred thrown at him, Jesse shines in football and friendship. If only he can survive the hangman's noose and the forces of evil, his destiny may be realized, and his life may have miraculous effects upon the world he lives in.
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He came to change the world. "Powerful! Glen Alan Burke gets it!" -- Monty Ross, co-producer, Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing

"Jesse is a brutally honest look at the Deep South and the mob mentality that guided so much thought in the 1960's. And it raises the question: Are we that much different today? -- David Squires, a former editor, The New York Times, former assistant managing editor, The Sporting News
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