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The Six-Figure Freelancing Roadmap
July 26, 2018
Laura Pennington --Briggs
Non-fiction: Business/Investing/Finance
The freelance workforce is growing at three times the rate more than the traditional workforce. It is being projected that by 2027, freelancers will make up the majority of professionals. Yet, only 8 percent of freelancers crack the six-figure earning mark. Laura Pennington¡¯s book, The Six-Figure Freelancing Roadmap, is a guidebook for the freelancer who wants to consistently earn six figures and beyond.

Until now, the only how-to texts on freelancing have been geared toward beginners and are only focused on six-figure freelance writing, or only address offline marketing methods. With the rise of online freelancing, many of these books miss the mark to help freelancers build an entirely digital career with abundant opportunities.

The Six-Figure Freelancing Roadmap provides actionable, step-by-step advice on how to build and sustain a six-figure freelance income. The book explores practical applications for identifying the appropriate business model, the mindset required to achieve consistent high-grossing months with ideal clients, the right marketing tools, setting rates, and negotiating retainers and upsells with high-value clients. Each chapter includes a handout exercise to transform proven theory into action.

With no formal training, Laura Pennington began her online freelance career in 2012. In just 18 months, and after working with clients all around the world, including Microsoft and Truecar, she scaled her business to six figures. Laura has used the strategies shared in the Six-Figure Freelancing Roadmap to grow her own business each year and has advised thousands of her online students how to launch and grow successful and flexible freelance careers. She is also a recognized expert in the online freelance world as a writer for Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and as a popular podcast guest and virtual summit speaker on freelancing topics. She¡¯s the host of the Better Biz Academy podcast and the Freelance Freedom YouTube channel for aspiring freelancers.

The Six-Figure Freelancing Roadmap is a proven path, a battle-tested guide that works for freelancers of all types. The book follows an outline of proven tactics to grow a business to the six-figure level and to keep it there:
¡ñ Knowing the current phase of your freelance business
¡ñ Getting into the right mindset to shift your money power
¡ñ Knowing how to spot high-value, high-dollar clients
¡ñ Determining the structure of your six-figure business: solo or agency model
¡ñ Speeding your process up and structuring your ideal freelance workday
¡ñ Putting together a client benefit-focused marketing tools plan
¡ñ Raising your rates and transmitting value to prospective clients
¡ñ Avoiding six-figure earner pitfalls

Throughout the book, checklists and action plans will be provided to the reader to customize for their own specific freelance business.
The freelance portion of the workforce and the economy is growing at a rapid pace, but lack of proper training or knowledge about how to run a freelance venture like a business sets most prospective freelancers up for failure. From experience, it¡¯s not lack of talent and skill that cause freelancers to give up or stall out once they hit an income ceiling¡ªit¡¯s the lack of information they have about how to build a business that works for them and pays them well. With the freelance revolution picking up speed, the need is real and the time is now for freelancers to learn how to take their businesses and their paychecks to the next level. The Six-Figure Freelancing Roadmap will lead them there.
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