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Making America Care Again: Restoring Empathy in the Age of Disconnection
July 26, 2018
Monalisa Johnson
Non-fiction: History/Politics/Current Affairs
Nobody cared about her. She was locked in the system and they threw away the key. My baby girl who I had raised, made a mistake, but was now threatened with life in prison. I couldn’t grasp it, I couldn’t conceive what she was going through. It was at that moment that I began to remember every single kick when she was in my stomach, carrying her for nine months, nurturing her, and giving life to her. -- Monalisa Johnson

Over the course of her life, International TV Personality and Leading Human Behaviorist Monalisa Johnson, has witnessed neighborhoods going from places where everyone cared for each other (it takes a village), to seeing indifferences creeping in, and now, in a world where we are more connected than ever, people simply not caring about the welfare of one another. Tribes are no longer the communities we live in; instead, they are the political groups and sub-groups we choose to be a part of.

It would be nice to say Monalisa naturally evolved into a person who saw America’s pattern and sounded the alarm. However, that isn’t quite what occurred. Instead it was when her daughter went to prison that she realized she couldn’t be a true advocate for her daughter and the best mother possible until she could empathize with her and understand what her daughter was going through. After a stint on A&E’s 60 Days In and a media tour where millions learned about her story, Monalisa achieved victory by seeing her daughter released over a decade early in December 2017. Monalisa has come to realize it was her ability to empathize which made her more effective in her quest to liberate her baby girl.
Monalisa Johnson knows all too well about life behind bars; not because she committed a crime, but because she volunteered to go to jail undercover as a part of a reality show 60 Days In (The Jail in the UK) which aired on A&E. Having a young daughter locked away in the prison system influenced her decision. She thought being behind bars would help her understand her daughter’s plight and strengthen their relationship. Well, Monalisa got all of that and much more. Her experience left her with an overwhelming need to not only work hard for families struggling with the incarceration of a loved one but to also fight to help America care about other issues which families face collectively as Americans.

In her new book, Making America Care Again: Restoring Empathy in the Age of Disconnection, Monalisa Johnson will talk about how to build a society which rewards empathy and ultimately demonstrates a deeper level of care. She will do this by reviewing the latest research on empathy and sharing her own personal experience of her and her daughter.

Her four big ideas which will be discussed in detail in the book are:
1. Radical listening
2. Looking for the people who are impacted by every issue
3. Becoming more intellectually curious
4. The willingness to walk in the shoes of others

There is no reason to wait for another violent tragedy or catastrophic hurricane and leave action to those who are impacted. Instead we can build an army of people who care about suffering of any kind and want to engage. This army of empathizers could then take on the big picture issues that impact lives every day. This list includes:
· The Long-lasting Effects of Addiction
· The Far-reaching Impact of Mass Incarceration
· The Consequences of Not Dealing with Domestic Violence
· The Importance of Helping Children Cope with Issues of Identity
· Identity Issues such as Bi-racial and Mixed Ancestry
· Identity Issues such as Gender Preference and Sexuality
· The Impact of Divorce on Families and Society
· Reason that Bullying Must Be Stopped Now
· Battling the Suicide Epidemic

Although these are not the only issues that America needs to care about, these are a few which are being neglected. Making a difference with these key issues would reshape America. Ultimately readers will learn how to increase their empathy, influence others to become more empathetic, and then learn the steps to take action on the issues they care the most about. While the list above will be the focus of the book, readers will learn tools which will help them apply techniques to make changes on the things dearest to their heart.
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