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The Three Graces
July 12, 2018
Cecilia Samartin
Fiction: General/Other
Three girls from forgotten corners of the world find themselves on the same path— literally— escaping in a freight train barreling towards California.
Nineteen-year-old Inesa blissfully prepares for marriage to her childhood sweetheart in rural Moldovia, but when she insults the wrong brute, her future and all those she holds dear are stolen away. Fifteen-year-old Karla flirts with growing up until her mother abandons her and her little sister for a fiancé in Mexico City, and she is seduced by a charming stranger. Little Sammy from Ohio just wants a pair of pink converse sneakers and food for her cat. But when her step-father attacks her, she fights back, and is thrown into a system that does more harm than good. Alone and afraid, these girls are plunged into an underworld where hope can barely survive.
Inesa, Karla, and Sammy are brought together by their personal tragedies but bound by their shared hope of freedom. Chasing them are vengeful ringleaders, well-meaning cops, and the ghosts of their harrowing pasts.
The beauty of faith, hope and love is exchanged for the ashes of sorrow and suffering. Their one shot at a future is in each other’s hands.
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Norway; Sweden;Denmark;Finland
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Cecilia Samartin writes challenging enriching stories with profound human understanding. -- her stories transform a reader bringing magic back into their lives and belief in the human spirit. What makes Cecilia’s story so special is that it took a small publisher in Norway (Juritzen Forlag) –of all places –to discover her and make readers all over the world discover her books.
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