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The Hockey Cat
June 8, 2018
Russ "Delson"
Eddie the cat uses hard work to find and follow a dream; he goes from a freezing-cold alley to the game of a lifetime. Not bad for an alley cat! Perfect Bound, 60 pages actual story content, 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" B&W interior w. many line-art cartoon illustrations. An acquaintance with decades of print/book experience called the content and layout "ingenious". The book is good for young readers (say "Chapter Ready") and Adults are fascinated by it as well. Strangers read it together at real games.
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"Eddie" is a perfect ambassador for reading and ice hockey. This is a finished book (with ISBN & Barcode) that has never been publicly sold. Adult fans at real hockey games read this book "three at a time" (one person turning pages with people to either side) cover to cover. They ignored the real hockey that they had paid to see. To a person they asked "How can I buy these?" and "When is the next one coming out?" There are six more titles in the series although each is a standalone adventure. Young readers love the book and a former Ranger with combat experience in Vietnam literally became teary-eyed as he talked about the story. He added "And I am not even a hockey guy, Russ." I have zero interest in the traditional publishing model. If someone can get this reviewed and offered where hockey fans are - it will sell. This is a definite niche book with a huge US/Canadian & European audience - IF they see it. The right person will be interested in this offer and we can make it very profitable. With the potential numbers of HOCKEY fans, this does not need to compete on a random shelf with non-related titles. I am not a "diva" and I am not egotistical! I am listening to the people who have read The Hockey Cat. They reached for their wallets and purses - that speaks loudly enough.
Winston Dillard
phone: 407-575-6479
Orlando, FL
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