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Fa troppo freddo per morire (It’s too cold to die)
June 6, 2018
Christian Frascella
Digital: Fiction: Thriller
Contrera is forty years old; he has almost always lived in Barriera di Milano, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Turin which, over time, has been transformed from a factory workers’ stronghold into a multiethnic mayhem. A former policeman, he lost his job because of an ugly story involving drugs; now he is a private eye. He receives his clients in a laundromat, sitting next to a small fridge stocked with beer, which he drinks from morning to night. His ex-wife hates him and his adolescent daughter refuses to speak to him. The only people who still love him are his sister and his two nephews, who find his eccentric ways funny. When Mohamed, the owner of the laundromat, asks him to help Driss, a young North African whom he loves like a son and who owes money to a gang of Albanians, Contrera certainly can’t say no. But, like every self-respecting thriller, things are much more complicated than they seemed: and when the first corpse shows up, Contrera realizes he has gotten involved in a mess which might cost him more than his own life.
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movie rights sold di Lucky Red The sequel with Contrera as main character will be published by Einaudi in March 2019
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Christian Frascella was born in Turin and lives in Rome. He has published Mia sorella è una foca monaca (Fazi 2009), Sette piccoli sospetti (Fazi 2010), La sfuriata di Bet (Einaudi 2011), Il panico quotidiano (Einaudi 2013), La cosa piú incredibile (Salani 2015), and Brucio (Mondadori 2016).
Valeria Zito
Giulio Einaudi editore
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