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Sacrifice of the Innocents
June 6, 2018
Kenneth Overman
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
We are representing Kenneth Overman, author of the novel Sacrifice of the Innocents.

American college professor Nathan Radcliff has a good job as a European history professor. As such, he gets to travel to European capitals with his classes. Pretty good deal, until he goes to Spain. There, while leading a student field trip, Catina, a troubled Romanian girl, begs him for help. She claims that she is a victim of human trafficking. Unsure of her motives, Nathan turns her over to the Madrid police. In so doing, he unwittingly disrupts a human trafficking operation and is abducted.
Nathan wakes up in a villa owned by a megalomaniac named Dante, the ringleader of a powerful international trafficking organization and boss of a Western Sahara phosphate mine—a major source of the world’s fertilizer. Relying on his former military training, Nathan manages to escape and enlists the help of Lia Medina, the streetwise chief of Madrid’s UN Bureau for Human Trafficking, and Father Gabriel, a special agent who is also a Catholic priest.
When Nathan learns Catina has committed suicide, he volunteers to help a multi-national air and ground assault against Dante led by the CIA, Medina, and Gabriel. Before the launch, Zizi Petrakis—Nathan’s on-again, off-again Greek lover—shows up to further complicate his life. Nathan is again taken captive by Dante who intends to annihilate all his trafficked victims with Sarin, a deadly gas originally developed by the Nazis.
With all that is in them, the multinational force invades and destroys Dante's world of horror in a thrilling confrontation between good and evil.

Kenneth Overman is the author of eighteen books. He is Creative Director of BiograhyMasters, a corporate and personal biography writing service. His first novel, an international action/adventure titled A Lion in Spring, won a 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award. . Ken is a member of the Florida Writer’s Association (FWA), and BIO (Biographers International Organization).
His novels, memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies are on display at www.kennethovermanbooks.com, and www.biographymasters.com
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