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Survival Can Be Deadly
June 5, 2018
Charlotte Stuart
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Can a discount P. I. rescue a naive runaway girl from a nefarious survivalist cult?

We are representing Charlotte L. Stuart, author of Survival Can Be Deadly, Book One of the cozy Survival mystery series. Book One is a lighthearted mystery and adventure that takes place in the Pacific Northwest. It is also the story of one woman’s struggle to find new direction after the death of her husband and a lengthy period of unemployment.
Although Cameron Chandler’s Ph.D. is in liberal arts, she can’t resist a Help Wanted sign she sees in the window of Penny-wise Investigations, a discount P. I. Service in a small storefront in the local shopping mall. She not only lands a job but gets a chance to reinvent herself.
Cameron’s strong, opinionated mother lives in the top floor apartment of the carriage house Cameron and her two children call home. Her 11-year-old son is a news junkie, and her fourteen-year-old daughter loves math and agonizes over the shape of her eyebrows. The ongoing struggle to get along with her mother, as well as her commitment to being a good mother to her own children, provides an often times humorous counterpoint to the unexpected risks Cameron faces on her new job.
Her first assignment at Penny-wise is to locate a runaway girl, a straightforward assignment that takes several unexpected twists, including the disappearance of a co-worker and encountering some very strange people. It eventually leads her to a survivalist camp on a remote island in the San Juans. Armed with only a Swiss Army knife and her on-the-job training as a suburban sleuth, Cameron uncovers more than she bargained for and finds herself in a fight for her own survival.

Book Two: Surviving the Campaign: Cameron Chandler of Penny-wise Investigations is hired to find out who is stealing a Congressional candidate’s yard signs. It is supposed to be a simple surveillance assignment, but when they discover a body in the room where the stolen signs are being stored, things get complicated. The candidate, whose staff is responsible for the theft of the signs, is the son of a wealthy east coast family in the oil business. When it’s discovered that the dead staffer is working for a group opposed to oil drilling, the police assume there’s a connection between the murder and the family. But Cameron discovers there is someone else who wanted the victim silenced.

Book Three: The Victim Survives: Since Penny-wise Investigations is located in a mall, people often come in with what appear to be small problems. Unfortunately, these small problems can potentially grow into larger problems that end in murder. That’s what happens when a mother seeks help to stop her son from being bullied. Her son is not forthcoming about his situation, and she wants to know what is going on so she can keep him safe. Unfortunately, one of the bullies is murdered, and the woman’s son is blamed. Cameron believes him when he says he didn’t do it, and her investigation into the murder reveals a sinister motive behind an organized gang of bullies.

Charlotte Stuart, Ph.D., began her career in academia, teaching communications and coaching intercollegiate debate. She left her tenured position to go commercial salmon fishing in Alaska, and for several years divided her time between fishing and management consulting. She became a VP of HR and Training for the nation’s fourth largest credit union, and continues to support small non-profits by helping them with strategic planning. Currently Charlotte lives with her husband on Vashon Island and spends time each day being entertained by herons, seals, eagles and other wildlife. Survival Can Be Deadly is her first mystery. In a world filled with too much uncertainty and too little chocolate, she enjoys writing lighthearted stories.
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