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Bassa risoluzione - Low resolution
May 23, 2018
Massimo Mantellini
Non-fiction: General/Other
Internet has radically changed our approach: to depth, to information, to social relations,
to the markets and to culture. We listen to music in new digital formats, we photograph the world through the small lens of our cell phones. We no longer read newspapers, preferring the casual information which bounces among the social profiles of our “friends”.
But we have adopted Ikea kitchens and Banksy’s graffiti, new low-resolution objects which fill our lives today. This book investigates the relations between our choices to downsize and the changes in our connected society. Often, options like these provide glimpses of a new intelligence; other times they summarily recount our usual superficiality.
In low-resolution technology, real time overwhelms archives. Internet, the place of documentation, is transforming itself into the place in which everything will be quickly forgotten.
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MASSIMO MANTELLINI (Forlí 1961) is one of the top experts of Italy’s internet network. He began writing about new technology in the mid-1990s for Punto Informatico, the first Italian web daily paper. Over the years he has collaborated with Il Sole 24 Ore, l’Espresso, Il Post and other papers. Since 2002, he updates Manteblog, one of Italy’s most-read personal blogs. He deals primarily with topics tied to the digital culture, the politics of the networks, privacy and the right to access. In 2014 minimum fax published his book La vista da qui. Appunti per un’internet italiana.
Valeria Zito
Giulio Einaudi editore
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