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Nel cuore della notte - In the Heart of the Night
May 22, 2018
Marco Rossari
Fiction: General/Other
Two men meet on a bus as it drives through a tropical country and heads toward a mysterious volcano. The younger man has graduated from college and is travelling with his girlfriend; the older man has had too many beers; he has a birthmark on his face and a special story to tell: a story of politics and poetry, the story of Anna and their love.
Anna hid her body underneath a green military jacket; every word she uttered was a battle and her dream was to change the world. Anna was a love story from your youth, the kind you don’t choose, the kind you run across every day on your way to school.
Anna, lost and then refound – with whom you share sex which can be more aware, more obscene, more tender. A tormenting, highly erotic love story which overlaps with the birth of a political party and a vocation for poetry. In fact, it is the publication of an apparently innocuous book of poems which ruins both their lives, with a new, rampant conformism as a backdrop.
Marco Rossari has written a salacious novel about the empty intransigence of our times and the powerful torment of words, masterfully measuring out an acrobatic, highly vivid, and aching writing style, without fear of either scandalizing or moving his readers.
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MARCO ROSSARI, writer and translator, was born in Milan in 1973.
His books include Le cento vite di Nemesio (e/o 2016, finalist for Strega Prize) and Il fantasma dell’elettricità (add 2017). For Einaudi he edited the anthology Racconti da ridere (2017). He has translated writings of, among others, Malcolm Lowry, Charles Dickens, James M. Cain, Dave Eggers, Mark Twain, Percival Everett, Iain Sinclair. He directs a writing lab at Belleville School, in Milan.
Valeria Zito
Giulio Einaudi editore
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