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Se vuoi vivere felice - If You Want to Live Happy
May 22, 2018
Fortunato Cerlino
Fiction: Debut
Everyone knows him as Don Pietro Savastano, the boss in Gomorra.
The big news is that this book marks the birth of an author.

Se vuoi vivere felice is the story of a boy who is saved by his imagination. It’s the other
face of Gomorra: a life lived in the sunlight, a life which springs as unexpectedly and
new as a plant from the crack of a sidewalk. Fortunato Cerlino has written a unique,
vivid novel which glitters with creative intelligence.

Fortunato is ten years old and has an unbridled imagination. At home they call him ’o
strologo, the astrologer, the one who knows things.The people who live there call it the Far West. We’re in Pianura, in the 1970s.
Fortunato lives in two rooms with his parents, his three siblings and his grandmother,
who suddenly showed up after an enormous rock fell onto the roof of her house – this
is what the grownups say – and risked smashing her ceiling. Everything takes on epic
overtones in the head of this boy who grew up on the street, with car chases on the
Califfone and shootouts in broad daylight.
What few people know is that Fortunato has a dream that’s bigger than he is, something
which keeps him awake at night. He wants to become a neomelodic singer. Or an actor,
an astronaut, an author. To get away.
Every moment lived through the eyes of this slightly magical boy is pure wonder.
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FORTUNATO CERLINO was born in Naples in 1971. He graduated in chemistry and began his studies at the faculty of Arts and Philosophy of the University of Naples Federico II, but soon his acting career took him throughout Italy and Europe. Through his professional experiences, he has met and worked with some of the leading exponents of theatre and film, including Luca Ronconi, Eimuntas Nekrošius, Luca De Filippo, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Paolo Virzí, Stefano Sollima, Pupi Avati, Lina Wertmüller, Matteo Garrone and Guillermo Navarro. He has written various plays, which he has often directed himself. He teaches at several acting schools in Italy. He is famous for having portrayed Don Pietro Savastano
in the TV series on Sky, Gomorra.
Valeria Zito
Giulio Einaudi editore
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