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May 18, 2018
Michael Giles
Fiction: Debut
THE ANNESLEYS’ TUTOR is written in the style of a diary by the Annesleys family's live-in tutor, CLAUDE STAAR. By chance, Claude's very first night at his new job is interrupted by a tragedy: a young neighborhood girl has gone missing and is then found dead in the woods behind his garage apartment.
The entire neighborhood is in emotional tatters. Claude himself, however, is upset in a different way. This is exactly the opposite of why he moved to suburban Philadelphia, which was to get away in order to recover from an unnamed trauma of his own.
Unfolding from here is a story of misdirection as the reader soon perceives what Claude tells his diary may be one thing and what is really transpiring may be another. He is questioned about the events and were it not that he has nowhere better to go he would repack his car and leave. That - and DETECTIVE BREWSTER has asked him to stay put. The police think the tragedy was a kid’s prank gone awry, and perhaps Claude can learn from the family’s children what actually happened. But it is just as likely the police are curious about Claude.
Claude drives his Volkswagen Bug to the mall, works on crosswords, and sits up in his garage apartment, drinking and smoking and recording small events in his journal. He tutors the youngest child, ten-year-old Melanie, who is too young to know anything. The middle child, Danny, fourteen, prefers to close his door and avoid being tutored lest he is made to work hard. The oldest child, Janine, a senior in high school, looks upon Claude with, at best, amusement.
He also likes going through the house when the family is out. One day his staying takes a galvanizing turn: he makes a discovery that may implicate a member of the Annesleys in the girl's death. He becomes obsessed with finding out the truth and getting that family member to own up to it.
In the second half of the novel, we find out that Claude has been arrested on suspicion of murder. The police, on searching his apartment, have discovered a scarred metal mini-cue that may have led to her death, along with a newspaper showing a photograph of the deceased girl.
Is Claude telling the truth about being framed for murder? Who is really responsible for the girl’s death?
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A suspense-filled epistolary novel sparked by the 1975 Michael Skakel/Martha Moxley murder case that takes place that same year in suburban Philadelphia, and is told through the eyes of a live-in family tutor.
Nadine Rubin Nathan
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