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Lady B & Me
May 16, 2018
Astrid Ronning and Alex King
Non-fiction: General/Other
Astrid Ronning is an American living a charmed life in a tiny exclusive village north of London with her pianist/composer husband, Denis King, their grown son Alex and a dog named Mable when she discovers the unthinkable: Alex, who's in his early twenties and stlll living at home, is a heroin addict.

What follows is a harrowing, candid, desperate and at times, even humorous tale that is absolutely true and told via journal entries Astrid and Alex wrote simultaneously as they found their lives turned upside down. Both are brilliant writers; readers will fall in love with their unique voices and the ways in which they express themselves while fighting every day for what they need so badly. In Alex's case, it's often a fix while Astrid would sell her soul just to keep her son alive.

Together, they travel deeply into the depths of the abyss and when they emerge, they're very different people than they were when the tale begins. That's not necessarily a bad thing; it just is. What transpires between the time Astrid realizes Alex has a problem and he emerges on the other side, in large part because of her help, is a story few will forget.

This is the first time opioid addiction has been addressed in this manner - from the perspective of two adults who are mother and son. Lady B & Me (Lady B is street slang for heroin) is ultimately a book that will save lives at a time its needed most.
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