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The Mysterious House on Hoarder Hill
May 11, 2018
Kelly Ngai and Mikki Lish
Children's: Middle Grade Fiction
When Hedy and Spencer start receiving messages ("FIND ME!") on dusty picture frames and grimy windowpanes, Christmas at their grandfather's very spooky and cluttered house turns into a mission to solve an old family mystery. Their grandmother Rose disappeared during a magic performance many years ago. What is their magician grandfather John Sang not telling them? With the help of a (talking) mounted stag head and an (also talking) bear rug, and other (currently) disembodied spirits, and against the resistance of gargoyles and shape-shifting ravens, Hedy and Spencer set out to find the truth, even if it threatens to tear their family apart.
The story grew from an idea for a TV series, and the television rights were just picked up for representation by CAA in Los Angeles.

A spectacular trailer (directed by Harry Holland) has already attaracted over 1 million cross-platform views: https://youtu.be/thW2Md9s6Ks
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