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Immigration Nightmare: Escaping My Personal Twilight Zone
Jan. 28, 2019
Chef Tony Hyde with Skip Press
Non-fiction: Biography
With his first restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida, Tony Hyde built a great following in a short time. Writer William Fox said: “A West Indian restaurant is the last thing you would expect to find anywhere near West Palm Beach’s Century Village, so this makes Tony’s Jamaican Restaurant the classic neighborhood anomaly. Considering the food’s freshness, intense flavors, and incredibly low prices, this little ethnic treasure, like the proverbial 2000-pound gorilla, belongs anywhere it wants to be.”

Problematically, not everyone shared this attitude. One vindictive federal official, who had been a customer, tried to ruin Tony’s life and deport him back to Jamaica because of a trivial incident.

The years-long legal battle that followed cost Tony his restaurant, his marriage, and a son he has never seen again. Seemingly doomed by the legal system, incarcerated with no chance for a bond, Tony maintained his faith and a positive attitude, learning to do his own legal work and continually telling fellow inmates that he was going to beat the charges and become a free man again. Despite character references by West Palm Beach city officials and other patrons of his restaurant, Tony’s case seemed hopeless but he kept on fighting. While incarcerated, he finally secured his release and got his bail reduced to almost nothing, and built himself back up.

Relocating to the west coast, Tony went to work for Whole Foods and came up with an invention the corporation uses to this day, but he was not allowed to profit from it. When offered a chance to buy another restaurant, he turned it down repeatedly, then went for it, only to discover that all the restaurant equipment needing replacing. Undaunted, he built up an amazing reputation and dedicated customers, then finally won his court case and was once again a free American citizen with no chance of deportation.

These days, Chef Tony is regularly covered in print and often appears on television, both in Los Angeles and on networks. His patrons and clients include numerous celebrities: Lawrence Fishburne, Queen Latifah, Michael B. Jordan, Robert Townsend, Macy Gray, Erik Estrada, Chris Brown, and J.B. Smoove. What’s his secret? Goodwill for everyone and fabulous Jamaican food!
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The story of Tony Hyde is an American dream and an American nightmare, a classic story of faith and goodwill conquering all adversity.

Tony also shares recipes of his finest dishes, and invites the reader to learn how never giving up can get ypu through any kind of darkness.
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