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Courage to Say No: A Pakistani Female Doctor's Battle Against Sexual Exploitation
Apr. 12, 2018
Dr. Raana Mahmood
Non-fiction: Memoir
Sexual harassment is in the news almost every day. According to the New York Times, a new story of male misbehavior breaks every twenty hours. Women have been intimidated into silence or their careers and lives have been ruined because they refused to submit to unwanted sexual advances. It has become a very public American sickness, killing the careers of prominent executives, powerful politicians, and popular celebrities.

Yet, sexual harassment coupled with corruption is not singularly an American affliction. It’s an ancient disease, a universal story. And Dr. Raana Mahmood’s story of standing up against sexual corruption in her home country of Pakistan epitomizes the courage, audacity, and determination required to resist becoming a victim in a culture that places little value on divorced women. One that openly allows men to have a second, a third, and a fourth wife, all at a man’s pleasure.

Courage to Say No: A Pakistani Female Doctor’s Battle Against Sexual Exploitation by Dr. Raana Mahmood with John Desimone follows a stellar line of books by women who have struggled to reconcile their rights as women with the practice of their faith in Islamic societies. The uniqueness of Dr. Mahmood’s experience is that from her childhood she was a student of Islam. Confident in the understanding of her faith, fueled by a precocious and omnivorous capacity to learn, she was aware of her rights, privileges, and duties as devout Muslim women. Correspondingly, she understood what Islam required of men in their treatment of women. Coming from a family that prized education, and with the help of her attorney father, she ably parsed the distinction between traditional practices of an ancient culture from the true values of Islam that are practical in a modern world.

Courage to Say No is not an indictment of Islam as a corrupt religion, but an indictment of those who misuse Islam and traditional practices as a way of exploiting the most vulnerable in society. Dr. Mahmood’s story is one of courage to live by her convictions, and though men tried to force her into a cage, she refused to compromise her values. This is a universal story that will encourage and empower women from every walk of life who will be challenged to stay true to themselves.
This memoir comes at a critical time in both America and the East because they are both struggling with an emerging trend of educated and professional women stepping forth to tell their compelling stories of exploitation and survival. For this reason, Courage to Say No should find a wide audience among women readers interested in this universal subject. It's an inspiring story, one that I believe you will enjoy reading.
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