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Deep Beauty, Deep Discipline: Your Guide to Total Health through Self-Care
Apr. 13, 2018
Carolyn A. Brent
Non-fiction: Health
“When are you going to write a book that tells me how to care for MYSELF?” That’s the number one question that thousands of readers of Caregiver’s Companion have asked Carolyn A. Brent since the publication of her popular and highly respected how-to guide about caring for loved ones medically, financially, and emotionally.
Now the nationally acclaimed author, speaker, and caregiver advocate has answered that request with an important new self-help book, Deep Beauty, Deep Discipline: Your Guide to Total Health through Self-Care. Patterned after her previous book with pragmatic advice and workbook-style exercises, Deep Beauty, Deep Discipline draws on research, personal experience, and the stories of people she has guided in her role as a self-care coach. In this book, Carolyn shows how to take control of your health, what to eat, how to exercise, how to have better relationships, how to spend money, why your spirit needs nourishment, where to find your purpose, how to help others, and other vital factors. By drawing on the beauty and discipline deep inside, each one of us has the opportunity to live the best life possible.
In an engaging yet direct style, she covers topics such as:
· How to become the authority of your life
· Why husbands, family and friends can be hazardous to your health
· What really happens as we age
· How your blood and immune system works
· How to develop a meal plan
· What is your body type
· How to develop an exercise plan
· How to deal with stress
· How to incorporate mediation into self-care
· What is the real connection between health and money
· What to do when your self-care engine runs dry

Each chapter of Deep Beauty, Deep Discipline ends with questions and tools in the form of a Self-Wellness Advocacy Planner (SWAP)™. SWAP provides an interactive learning experience to serve as a coach, motivator, and companion on the reader’s journey to total health. Readers are encouraged to write down answers to questions and exercises that will form their own personalized approach to self-care. In addition to being an educational and motivational resource, the book serves as a workbook to help people regain their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial health by becoming the strongest advocates possible for their own well-being.
Whether you are a Millennial, Gen-Xer or Baby Boomer. Deep Beauty, Deep Discipline outlines the necessary actions toward self-wellness through a disciplined process and tools so you can become your own wellness advocate and achieve success in your new lifestyle and wellness journey. In Deep Beauty, Deep Discipline, Carolyn takes the fear out of aging by helping people understand that “Aging is an amazing privilege full of new, fresh opportunities. Embrace it.” This book is for people who have reached a defining moment in their lives.
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