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Reign of Ruin: Countdown to Armageddon in the Pacific
Apr. 12, 2018
David Barrett
Non-fiction: Narrative
Reign of Ruin: Countdown to Armageddon in the Pacific penned by David Dean Barrett takes us inside the halls of power in Washington and Tokyo during the final months of World War II. Throughout this desperate climactic period, two men—one Japanese, Foreign Minister Shigenori Togo, and one American, President Harry Truman, are thrust into leading roles. In Tokyo, as America’s strategic bombing campaign systematically incinerates Japan’s cities, Togo risks assassination in his struggle to convince his dysfunctional government, dominated by militarists determined to fight the decisive battle on Japanese soil, to end the war and save his country from complete annihilation. In Washington, a new and untested President Truman inherits the political mandate of unconditional surrender, the bloodiest battle of the Pacific War Okinawa, the final plans for the invasion of the Japanese Homeland, and the development of the atomic bomb.

Reign of Ruin, painstakingly researched for over fifteen years, pieces together the key discussions and decisions on both sides of the war that ultimately led to the use of the atomic bomb. Primary sources are highlighted by the memoirs of President Truman, Foreign Minister Togo, Secretary of State James Byrnes, Ambassador to Japan Joseph Grew as well as the diaries of (the Emperor’s most trusted advisor) Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal Marquis Kido, General Korechika Anami, and Duty Officer of the White House Map Room George Elsey. Secondary materials span over seventy years of historiography and include Japanese works translated into English. The result is a unique and profound perspective into Japan’s reign of ruin.

The Second World War continues to be an extremely popular topic among contemporary audiences in the United States. While a significant share of that interest can be attributed to the Baby Boomer generation, the direct descendants of the sixteen million American men and women who served in WWII, interest in the war entices adults of all ages. Why, because no fiction writer has ever dreamt of such a dramatic spectacle. The entire world was immersed in conflict and soaked in blood. It was the most lethal war of all-time, ending in the deaths of sixty million people. It was a world gone mad! Within the WWII genre, the end to the Pacific War and the use of atomic weapons continues to be highly controversial, commands a large following, is the subject of ongoing research and writing, and is a lesson from history with contemporary implications.

Today, it is very difficult for Westerners to see any logical rationale behind the thinking of Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who is potentially risking the nuclear obliteration of his country and people through his aggressive rhetoric and the actions of his military. Tragically, he is hardly the first tyrant who places little or no value on his own people. Hitler, Stalin, and certainly Japan’s leaders during the War in the Pacific showed no concern over the losses of their countrymen, even as they rose into the millions. The inability of adversaries to meaningfully relate to each other due to vast differences in values and culture, has and may soon again manifest in armed conflict, and once engaged the same differences make it extremely difficult to end, as Reign of Ruin regrettably shows.

As already mentioned, Mr. Barrett has been working on Reign of Ruin for more than a decade and a half. In fact, the genesis for the manuscript came from his early work on his Master’s degree in History. In addition to his Masters, WWII Quarterly magazine recently published David’s feature article Reign of Ruin in its Spring 2017 edition and currently considering a second. He has also published multiple book reviews for U.S. Military History Review and Global War Studies. Moreover, Mr. Barrett has been a frequent guest speaker for more than ten years, lecturing about the atomic bomb, the end of the Pacific War, weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and numerous other World War II topics. In the spring of 2016, he helped organize an academic conference on WMD that featured highly respected WWII historians Richard Frank and Mark Walker.
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