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Healing My Sisters: 10 Practical Ways for Women to Optimize their Health
Apr. 12, 2018
Dr. Angela Marshall
Non-fiction: Health
Have you ever given much thought as to why women have a higher lifetime risk of strokes and are more likely to die of heart attacks than men? Why are we treated less aggressively for pain than male patients? Is it true that women are twice as likely to suffer from depression than men? Why are most pharmaceutical studies conducted with men even though women react differently to medicines than men? And most importantly, what can you as a woman do to optimize your health despite the inequities in our health care system and the pressures of balancing family and career?

These questions and more will be answered in Healing My Sisters: 10 Practical Ways for Women to Optimize Their Health, a guide written by Dr. Angela Marshall, who has treated more than 20,000 women. Designed to help women on the path to better health -- physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, the book is written in a voice and with sensitivity to language that is inclusive and respectful of women of all backgrounds and ages. Healing My Sisters incorporates the latest medical research with practical experiences to provide a roadmap of 10 ways women can optimize their health. Dr. Marshall relies on a distinctive and distinguished career as a Board-Certified Internist specializing in women’s health to explain exactly what every woman needs to do to help heal herself.

Healing My Sisters outlines 10 practical areas where women can learn and make important changes:

1. Examining our attitudes about self-care, health, and doctors
2. Understanding symptoms that may indicate health issues
3. Creating a “health tribe” of professionals, family, and friends to support good health
4. Understanding the connection between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
5. Changing everyday behavior to promote healthy habits
6. Keeping “women parts” in good order
7. Understanding how diseases affect women differently than men
8. Taking control of chronic conditions
9. Defying aging by embracing yourself
10. Making time for happiness in order to improve well-being

As an African-American female physician – a group that makes up only two percent of all doctors -- her passion for women’s health has made Dr. Marshall a nationally recognized expert. A frequent contributor on CNN, Fox5 News, and Let’s Talk Live as well as a sought-after speaker, she shares advice on a variety of health issues that affect women differently than men such as depression, weight gain, heart attacks, and arthritis. Her own women database is 25,000 strong with most currently receiving her monthly newsletter.

Dr. Marshall has access to more than 1,500 leading women CEOs and their organizations throughout the world through her involvement with the Women Presidents’ Organization. She is on the Board of Advisors for Enterprising Women, an organization whose publication reaches more than a million women entrepreneurs in 160 countries. She is also active in Alpha Kappa Alpha, a sorority comprised of African-American women that strongly supports its 1,005 chapters and over 290,000 members. By Summer 2018, she expects to have more than 50,000 followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as the result of a robust campaign leveraging advertising, her databases, and outreach to organizations who support her work such as WPO, Enterprising Women, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and Black Women’s Health Imperative.

Healing My Sisters is written for today’s reader. Short chapters ranging from 500 to 2,500 words keep the reader’s attention. Simple black and white illustrations clarify and emphasize points. Additionally, the book can be accessed at any point, enabling it to be a reference tool and an on-going part of the reader’s library. Each chapter ends with a summary of action steps. The book will have an affiliated website with additional content as well as a place for members of the Healing My Sisters community to engage. The connecting website to the book will be www.healingmysisters.com, which is currently owned by Dr. Marshall. The website also offers a Healing Myself Journal, which is a useful tool for readers to answer questions and record perspectives based on questions found at the end of each chapter.

Written with empathy, knowledge, and practicality, Healing My Sisters: 10 Practical Ways for Women to Optimize Their Health is a book for our times. As women band together to make their voices heard about issues like inequity, sexual abuse, and harassment, Healing My Sisters is an affirmation of their strength as well as their need to optimize their own health by loving, honoring, and cherishing their bodies, minds, and spirits through practical self-care and knowledge.
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